What You Should Know Before Sizing Your Watch

Did you know if you place your watch order with our Customer Service Department at 1-800-572-8263 M-F 8:30am – 3:30pm, we can size your watch before it ships?  Several brands also offer a few additional links at no charge with your watch purchase if you need them, and can be requested at the time of purchase. If the brand doesn’t offer free links with a purchase, there is generally a charge for each additional link.

WatchSizingHere are some things you should know before sizing your watch:

  1. MAKE SURE YOU LIKE THE WATCH: Although sizing a watch does not void the warranty, once you have it sized and start wearing it, you can generally not return it.
  2. WATCH SIZES: Men’s watches normally come sized 8″-8.5″ and can be sized down to a minimum of 7″. Women’s watches generally come sized to 7″-7.5″ and can be sized down to a minimum of 6″. If you have a particularly small wrist that goes below these minimums, we recommend purchasing a watch with an adjustable leather, rubber or fabric strap if you do not want it to be loose.
  3. MEASURING YOUR WRIST: If you are ordering the watch online or need to tell a jeweler your wrist measurement, we recommend you take a string to measure your wrist to the nearest ¼” (standard size of one link) and then compare it to a ruler if you don’t have a seamstress style measuring tape. We also recommend adding an additional ¼” to your measurement for comfort and to accommodate for the clasp. Note that bracelet watches may not have a “perfect fit” and may be loose or tight depending on how you like to wear it.
  4. linkarrowsPINS & BUSHINGS: If you attempt to size it yourself, make sure you don’t lose any pins or bushings (not all pins have bushings, but if they do, reassembling the links without them will not be secure, and the pins could fall out). The pins must also be removed and inserted according to the arrows printed on the back of the links.
  5. TAKING IT TO A JEWELER: Make sure the jeweler or department store you take your watch to sells the brand of watch as they should be familiar with sizing them already. Although some will do it for free, others may charge a fee, especially if you did not purchase the watch from them. If you received the watch as a gift, it doesn’t hurt to tell the jeweler—a reputable jeweler may size it at no charge to keep you coming back.
  6. GET YOUR LINKS BACK: Make sure you get your extra links back! We have heard complaints that the links and pins taken out by a jeweler were never returned to them. The links and pins should be returned to you, and it is important if you need the watch re-sized at a later date. We always ship the extra links we remove back to our customers with the watch.
  7. INSPECT THE BRACELET: Before leaving the jeweler, or wearing the watch for the first time, inspect it to make sure the bracelet is secure and the links don’t seem loose. If sized incorrectly, damage could be done to the links or pins.

We hope this list has been helpful!

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