Watch News Review 2012

This past year we saw some great technological innovations by timepiece manufacturers, important milestones and some impressive headlines in the watch world.

Technological Innovations:

Citizen introduced Bluetooth technology to their watches enabling them to communicate with your iPhone with their Proximity Collection – Casio is right on their heels with a similar watch, yet to be released.

Bulova released their Precisionist Chronograph, with a very precise movement, accurate to within 10 seconds per year.

Suunto, a leader in sports watches and outdoor instruments released the Ambit GPS watch. Equipped with reliable functions for altitude, location, speed, heart rate, and weather conditions, the Ambit will not disappoint.

A fun innovation this year is Casio’s Baby-G Illuminator series which has an ultraviolet LED backlight that transforms seemingly colorless watch dials into a rainbow of colors.

30 Years of G-Shock: Casio is getting ready to celebrate 30 years of G-Shock. Originally introduced in 1983, the release of the G-Shock watch brought about a revolutionary redefinition of the wristwatch. With premium-quality designs that express functional beauty, G-shock also reinvented the image of the digital watch, making it a vital part of youth culture. Today, Casio continues to challenge pre-conceived notions of the wristwatch with its constantly evolving G-shock line.

Reactor Releases Their First Flight Chronograph: Reactor Watches, one of the newer watch brands on the market, has a strict philosophy to design the best built performance sport watch. Since growing the brand, they have created interesting new designs with rugged construction. This year, they introduced the Valkyrie Flight Chronograph with an integrated E6B flight computer.

Apple uses Swiss Railways Timepiece Design: The iconic watch face implemented by the Swiss Railways operator SBB was used by Apple in a new clock application and seen by millions after an iOS update. Apparently, Apple used the design without permission and had to  meet with Mondaine (the only company licensed to use the design on timepieces since 1986) and SBB to resolve any licensing issues.

Overall, 2012 was a great year in the watch world which is keeping up with the latest fashion trends,  integrating timekeeping with cutting edge technologies and moving forward to make sure the wristwatch doesn’t become an obsolete accessory of the past.

3 thoughts on “Watch News Review 2012

  • April 11, 2013 at 8:59 am

    Nice watch.. Thanks for the posting.

  • May 24, 2013 at 10:43 am

    I purchased the Reactor Gamma Red Titanium. Which is nice however keeping time IT’S NOT. Watch is still under warranty and the call to Reactor was:

    Reactor service tells me that this is normal. IF this is normal then why does my Timex, Seiko, Wittnauer all keep accurate time within a minute. I also have a TAG and I do not have to say no more for the TAG

    For the money, very disappointed this watch looses 6 ~7 minutes per month.

    This watch owner would not recommenced Reactor if you wanted accurate time from month to month.. looks yes… but it the end, time is the value and so is the money paid for this watch.



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