Szanto Watches – The New Vintage Timepiece


If you are looking for a vintage style timepiece without the expensive price tag, Szanto watches, may be what you are looking for. Inspired by vintage military timepieces, Szanto watches reflect a time period and style all of their own – designs you won’t find other watchmakers producing. Antique finishes, leather straps, and even cushion shaped cases and half hunter watches are some of the features you will find from Szanto.


“This American brand’s essence was conceived in California, where Szanto designers were captivated by the beauty and simplicity of old military watch designs from the early 20th century. These classic watches possess so much character but are too petite by contemporary standards.” – Szanto

Szanto watches come boxed in their own “travel trunk” reflecting on a time when traveling was always an adventure, and craftsmen took pride in their work. Like their packaging, Szanto watches have weight, attention to detail and are built solid. Szanto watches stand out with their quality and craftsmanship among many other brands we have seen come and go. Although many would argue that we can’t compare them to Hamilton watches, they certainly fill the void of vintage military style timepieces we used to offer.

sz-6002aFor the more refined, Szanto also offers Half Hunter timepieces with Automatic movements and luxurious leather straps. You can look at one of these pieces and imagine being in a study full of leather bound books, maps of the world and fine furniture. Whether the case is open or shut, you can easily read the time. The automatic movement will never require a battery change, although recommend a watch winder if you wish to keep it wound and ready to wear.

szanto-bronze2Another unique feature Szanto offers are antique finishes, something we haven’t seen from many other major watch manufacturers, although Casio has released a few G-Shock pieces with the finish, such as the MTGG1000AR-1A. These finishes create a weathered look – or one that of something that is hand made, or been on many adventures. In some cases the term “steampunk” comes to mind, paired with the thick stitched leather straps.

If you prefer to adventure by sea, Szanto also offers a 500m Dive Watch collection (pictured at top of page). Suitable for professional diving, these watches have deeply grooved bezels for easy setting – even in a dive suit, large luminous hands and markers for great legibility, hardened mineral glass crystal and your choice of a leather strap or durable stainless steel bracelet.

Although the brand may be new to most, we think it is a brand to consider when looking for your next watch, especially if you are looking for a vintage style timepiece. Shop today at Princeton Watches and get FREE Shipping on all currently available Szanto Watches. Shop Now

2 thoughts on “Szanto Watches – The New Vintage Timepiece

  • December 23, 2016 at 10:35 pm

    How do I turn off the alarm?

  • February 13, 2017 at 10:03 pm

    Customer service is lacking. I bought a #2001 on sale from an authorized dealer. It failed to keep accurate time. Lost several minutes everday or frequently stopped altogether. I contacted Szanto nearby and recieved no apology, only the statement my watch was several years old and the battery was probably dead. Also if the tab under the crown was intact it was a “storage issue”. I was told IF I wanted to send the watch in for warranty repair it would be evaluated and fixed if parts were still available. The company is only a few years old, why wouldn’t there be parts? Finally, I noticed the second hand of the tiny dial was getting stuck on the hour hand. I wrote back with the discovery of this poor quality control. Again, no apology. Just a statement they have sold hundreds of watches and its just a problem with one watch. Such a young company with grneral apathy towards buyers, and unable to apologize for a brand new watch not keeping time is not one that will be around very long.


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