Squale Watches – Put a Shark on Your Wrist

UPDATE: Princeton Watches is no longer a retailer for Squale Watches, please see their website if you are interested in the brand. Squale Watches have developed quite a following lately with dive watch aficionados. Designed by an Italian company, the name is the plural of the Italian word for shark, “squalo”. So the name Squale (pronounced SKWAH-lay in Italian) means “sharks”, those denizens of the deep that inspire awe and fear at the same time. Maybe you’d rather not see a shark on your next dive unless it’s quite a distance away, but you can now wear one on your wrist.

The movements in our new line of Squale Watches are Swiss ETA automatic movements and the watches are made in Switzerland, but the style has Italian flair, and kind of a retro look invoking dive watches from the 1970’s, a look we’ve always liked.

One of the neat features sported by some Squale models is the push-button to release and then lock the rotating bezel. This handy feature allows you to turn the bezel in either direction, which makes it easy to set, but once you release the button, the bezel can’t be turned, so you can’t accidentally change it.

The rotating bezel is used, as watch gurus and divers know, to measure elapsed time, such as a dive, or anything you want to time, on land or sea. The push-button locking bezel feature was originally developed and marketed in the early 70s by Omega and those watches are now quite collectible. Omega has recently re-introduced this feature in some of their Omega Seamaster Professionals, but you can get it in a Squale at less than one tenth the price and it is definitely a handy and hard to find feature in a dive watch.

Squale doesn’t currently have a US distributor, but we’ve purchased and imported these watches directly from Squale in Italy due to numerous requests by our dive watch customers. So these are authorized watches, and the one year Squale warranty is handled directly through us. So check out our Squale Watches and let us know what you think.

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