Seiko Solar Alarm Chronographs

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Since 1881 Seiko has made great strides in the watchmaking industry. Their newest innovation is the Seiko Solar Alarm Chronograph with a movement that is so efficient at harnessing light energy, it can operate this complex movement as well as hold a six month power reserve.

Pictured model SSC079 features bright blue accents against a black dial and ion plated case and bracelet. This series features dual time capability, an inner rotating bezel with compass bearings, alarm, 1/5 second chronograph and date. The alarm can also be used to tell time in a different zone. A second crown on the left side of the watch is used to operate the inner rotating bezel.

The dial, unlike some other solar powered analog watches, is a genuine black as opposed to a black with a purple or reddish sheen to it. Besides having the word “solar” on the dial you wouldn’t be able to guess this is a solar powered watch. This model also has an impressive luminescent application on both the hands and the hour markers making it easily legible both in the light and the dark. Reasonably priced under $350 with a unique color combination, this watch is sure to be a big hit with Seiko fans and sports enthusiasts.

Solar powered watches  help reduce battery waste and eliminate the need to periodically go to the jeweler and have the battery changed. To re-charge a solar watch, all you have to do is pull out the crown (to stop the watch from running) and place it under a light until it receives a sufficient charge to keep running. Once running, the watch will continue to operate if regularly exposed to light. Most solar powered watches have a power reserve to keep the watch running without further exposure to light.

Learn more about how solar powered watches work and help the environment. You can also shop the entire Seiko Solar collection to view their newest models for fall 2012.

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