Review & Comparison: Casio Solar Triple Sensor Pro Trek Models PRG550B-5 & PRG550-1A9

Review & Comparison: Casio Solar Triple Sensor Pro Trek Models PRG550B-5 & PRG550-1A9, 3.4 out of 5 based on 5 ratings
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The new camouflage PRG550B-5 Pro Trek features a dependable, rugged style that is prominent in many of Casio’s timepieces.  Equipped with reliable solar power, tough construction and accurate altimeter, barometer, temperature & compass functions, it can accompany you whether you are hunting big horned sheep in the mountains, hiking through rugged terrain, or kayaking in your favorite outdoor spot. Made to endure, this watch and related model PRG550-1A9 can help get you through any situation when you need them most. Below is a comparison between the new Pro Trek model PRG550B-5 and model PRG550-1A9 to help showcase the aesthetic and structural differences between the two.

The analog-digital display on the PRG550B-5 (left) has minimal orange and white accents while the PRG550-1A9 (pictured right) is designed with vibrant yellow accents.  For some, the colors on the dial may make a difference in legibility, but otherwise this is purely a personal preference.  The second hand also doubles as a compass needle and at the touch of the button, it will adjust to point North.  This feature can also be used to move the second hand out of the way so the digital display can be read. Whether you are in low lighting or complete darkness, the NeoBrite hands and a push button-operated back-light allow both dials to be easily viewed:

NeoBrite hands allow for easy nighttime viewing
Push button-operated LED light illuminates the entire dial

Another difference between these models is their straps.  The PRG550B-5 has a synthetic leather and cloth camouflage band that is perfect for those who like to blend in with their surroundings or prefer the comfort of leather as opposed to resin or metal links.  The PRG550-1A9 is equipped with a durable resin strap that is as pliable as it is tough.  Both straps are built to last, but again, it is going to be personal preference that decides which will be right for you.

Both models are built with Casio’s tough solar-powered technology which is an environmentally-friendly feature that allows you to charge the watch under any light source, even low or fluorescent light.  Its practical Power Save function lets you power down the timepiece when it is not exposed to light, allowing the watch to conserve as much power and energy as possible.  When fully charged without further exposure to any light source, both models will store energy for approximately 6 months.  This eliminates the need to worry about battery replacement, insuring you won’t lose the necessary functions you need to stay safe in the wilderness.

Although both models have World Time capability, they do not have atomic timekeeping. If this is a preferable function, we recommend Pro Trek models PRW5000Y-1 (pictured left), PRW5100-1 and PRW5100YT-1.  These watches have similar features and also receive time calibration radio signals from any of five atomic clocks in the US, UK, Germany, Japan and China.  This technological advance in timekeeping has an auto receive function that updates up to six times per day, or 5 times per day if you are in China, maintaining the displayed time to be as accurate as it can be.  This is a great feature for travelers who need to stay on time no matter where they are in the world, and also for those who just don’t want to deal with the hassle of changing the time on their watch. Atomic signals may be lost or not function properly (similar to a radio signal) if you are in a remote area, near mountains, in a valley, underground or due to electrical interference.

If you like to order any of these watch and make sure they are available please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-572-8263, or visit us at to view our entire Casio Pro Trek Collection.


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