Reactor – The Best Built Performance Sport Watch. Period.


Founded in 2003, Reactor is a relatively newer watch brand compared to most. However, they have tackled some of the major watch construction and durability flaws many other companies have left unimproved over the years and gained popularity in the water sport world for their unmatched durability, construction and good looks. Not only built to withstand whatever you can throw at them, Reactor watches are also impressive to look at with bold features, refined construction and attention to details that fall short on standard timepieces.

Reactor set out to build a watch that not only met, but exceeded the standards of the sports industry raising the bar for other watch companies. They looked at a lot of the features that active individuals relied on, on most likely to fail on standard timepieces. The first was the strap or bracelet to case attachment. On most watches, this attachment is usually made by a simple tension set pin, which with normal wear are perfectly fine. However anyone who has gotten their watch strap caught while being active may know that dreadful feeling of the watch strap popping loose, and falling off their arm. With enough force, and depending on the strength of the pin, it could fail causing the strap or bracelet to come apart, causing the watch to fall off. To  remedy this, Reactor uses a solid screw-bar band to case attachment system preventing this from ever happening. Another feature Reactor took into consideration was water resistance. Although most watches are typically water resistant with the crown pushed or screwed in, generally they aren’t protected if the crown was accidentally left out or not screwed in all the way. To help with this, Reactor used a double gasket system to protect the watch from water in case this happens.


Not only is their Reactor DNA a standard on all of their watches, Reactor has an unmatched service and warranty repair department which they keep in house. You can rest assured that if you ever need work completed on your watch, Reactor will take good care of it for you whether it is under their 2 Year Warranty or not.

Another great feature about Reactor is their NeverDark system, available on some of their watches such as the Titan and Trident line. NeverDark is a combination of high grade Superluminova markings and Tritium gas capsules for the ultimate day to night visibility that doesn’t rely on the watch’s power source to illuminate. If going from a bright area to an extremely dark area suddenly, the Superluminova offers immediate readability. If in a dark area for a length of time whether  you are in the military, night fishing or perhaps have an occupation that requires you to work in low lighting, the Tritium capsules offer visibility in even the darkest situations. Below is an example of the Superluminova and Tritium – the first image displays both, however the Superluminova will fade over time when not exposed to light, however the Tritium markers at the 12, 3, 6, 9 and on the hands are still clearly visible.


Reactor also offers watches with superior water resistance, up to 1,000 meters (3300 feet) with their Poseidon collection, offering this in several styles as opposed to many other watch companies who may only offer this level of water resistance on a single watch model, limiting your choices.


If you have been looking for the ultimate sport watch, that also has durability, style and a reliable company to back it – look no further. Reactor Watches are exactly what you are looking for and they are here to stay. Shop the entire collection on our website, including their factory authorized closeouts: Reactor Watches

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