Reactor Poseidon and Atlas Watch Size Comparison

Like the Poseidon but aren’t comfortable wearing a dive watch that has a nearly 2″ case width? The Atlas may be the watch for you, designed in a similar fashion to the Poseidon but in a much smaller size with a recreational water resistance of 200 meters. Both watches were built tough with the standard Reactor DNA, share the same smooth bezel style and overall rugged look.

Below is an actual photograph comparing the Poseidon and Atlas models in size. The Atlas does not have the second crown for the inner rotating bezel that the Poseidon has, which also makes this watch a bit more comfortable to wear for those with a smaller wrist. The Atlas also has the day and the date displayed at the 4 o’clock position, whereas the Poseidon only displays the date.


The Poseidon also features Reactor’s NeverDark technology, with the combination of Tritium capsules and high quality SuperLuminova markings making it easy to read in any light level. The Atlas does not feature the Tritium capsules, but does have ample SuperLuminova markings on the dial.

Below is a case thickness comparison. The Poseidon has an 18mm case thickness which is approximately 3/4″ which may seem massive, but this particular Poseidon model does contain an automatic quartz movement which generally takes up more space. The Atlas has a much more wearable case thickness at about 13mm or about 1/2″, however it has a more compact quartz movement.


Although in the picture below the watches appear to have a different bracelet size, both bracelets contain links of the same width. However, the Atlas’s clasp is about 2mm wider than the clasp on the Poseidon. This view also gives an idea of the overall difference in size between the two models.


Which ever watch you decide to choose, you can’t really go wrong with a Reactor watch in terms of durability or a company that will stand behind their product. You can also shop the entire line of Reactor Watches and browse their other signature dive and water sport watches.

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