Post Warranty Watch Services, Repair and Restoration

Princeton Watches has teamed up with industry leading watch technicians as well as manufacturers to provide post-warranty services on your valued timepieces. Depending on the make, model and date of your timepiece, we will determine the best solution to getting your item repaired or refurbished.

For a bench fee of $15.00, we will examine your timepiece to determine what will need to be fixed and/or replaced and contact you back with a quote. If you feel your watch is not worth the repair, we will simply send it back to you at no additional charge (the bench fee also covers shipping charges back to you). If you would like to move forward with the repair, we will process your order and initiate the repair. In some cases, due to the unavailability of parts (especially antique or obsolete brands) we unfortunately may not be able to repair a timepiece.

If you need a crystal or dial replacement, case refurbishing, or a new set of hands, we are also happy to help you restore a valued timepiece to its original condition provided the facilities and parts are available.

Along with repairs, it is common that our technicians recommend replacements of gaskets and other parts that wear down over time affecting the water resistance or durability of the piece. Generally, these should be replaced on a regular basis per your instruction manual. Although some may see these as “additional costs” it is important they are done to protect any repairs you have made on the piece.

Due to the volume of the requests we receive and the intricate nature of the services, repairs can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks to complete after the approval of the estimate, or longer if the parts must be sourced out.

Please note that we only offer post warranty service. If your watch is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, please follow the instructions to obtain warranty service directly from the manufacturer (usually found in your instruction manual, or by contacting the manufacturer directly). Note that battery changes and repairs to the outside of the watch are not normally covered by the warranty; however we would be happy to assist you with these issues.

Additional Repair Information

  • Our technicians will examine your watch to determine what repairs need to be made. You will then be contacted with the suggested repairs and the cost. At this time, you can decide which repairs are to be made, or if you would like the watch returned to you without repairs. Estimates to repair an item generally take 2 weeks.
  • Software will track your watch step by step through our Service Department
  • Watch winders and pressure testing equipment is provided by major watch manufacturers. Service and repairs include pressure testing if the watch requires it.
  • Cases are polished and refurbished using equipment and materials recommended by top watch manufacturers
  • We service and repair fine Swiss Mechanicals including Rolex and other fine manufacturers, using genuine manufacturer’s parts. More about Rolex Service & Repair
  • We will service or repair quartz watches of all types, including battery replacement and Seiko Kinetic service
  • We are one of the few facilities in the country offering repairs and batteries for the original Accutrons (the vintage 214 and 218 – Yes, we have the parts!) more about Accutron Service and Repair. Please note that Accutron Repairs generally take 10-12 weeks due to the volume of requests received.
  • Case repairs are available, including Laser Welding if needed
  • Please package your watch securely in a box, do not send your watch in a padded envelope or with any original or additional packaging as we cannot guarantee it will be returned to you.

Convenient Online Repair Form lets you fill out and generate a call tag to pick up your watch

Note: All trademarks are the property of the respective manufacturers. Mentioning repair service for particular brands is not meant to imply that we are affiliated with those brands.

2 thoughts on “Post Warranty Watch Services, Repair and Restoration

  • January 24, 2016 at 8:44 pm

    Can U fix Movado 84-G4-1390 watch.

    • January 25, 2016 at 10:45 am

      For Movado, whether the watch is under warranty or not, we recommend that you contact Movado directly for any repair on your watch: 1-800-810-2311. Although we could facilitate a Movado repair, Movado prefers that you send your watch directly to them for any work.


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