New Glycine Combat & Airman Watches Summer 2012

The new Glycine Combat and Airman watches for 2012 are here, including the beautiful rose gold accented Combat SUB Golden Eye and Stealth editions. Featuring fine Swiss movements and attention to detail far beyond the average watch, they stand by their traditional designs only making necessary improvements with each new piece.

Airman SST 12 The Airman SST 12 is the 25th member of the Airman family since its debut in 1953. Inspired by the Boeing Supersonic Transport which never flew; its production ceased after just two prototypes were built. An image of the SST is engraved on the case back of the watch. This watch features a unique 14 sided bezel and screw slit crown for operating the inner rotating bezel. The model pictured below features three time zones (two on the 24 hour display) but it is also available with two time zones.

COMBAT SUB “Golden Eye” The prestigious COMBAT SUB “Golden Eye” is a highly anticipated addition to the new Combat collection.  The genuine rose gold plated bezel and crown paired with the black PVD case is alluring both in the water and on land. This unique timepiece is sure to be a sought after collectible for years to come.

COMBAT SUB “Stealth” Featuring subtle blue-gray accents and intriguing black luminescent hands and markers which glow ominously as darkness falls, it’s in a class all its own. Built with divers in mind, the 200 meter water resistance and large rotating bezel prepare it for your next underwater excursion. The all black PVD case and durable nylon strap also make this the perfect combat style dive watch for any watch collection.

The new Combat watches were designed with clear, uncluttered dials giving them outstanding legibility which was a major concern of Glycine.

For further reading on their latest releases, check out Glycine’s website.  If you are interested in purchasing any of these watches, visit our website at If you don’t find the Glycine you like, please call us at 1-800-572-8263 to order.

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