Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2012

When it comes to Mother’s Day, many of us go out and get the typical bouquet of flowers, card or even a box of chocolate (which we’re sure any mom would appreciate!). Every mom is unique, and that goes for any woman  in our lives that may have had a significant role in raising us who we also consider “mom”. This Mother’s Day, we wanted to point out a few memorable and unique gift-giving options.

You can always make the ordinary gift extraordinary by adding a personal message. One way that we offer this at Princeton Watches is through engraving. Although not all items can be engraved, and each watch has its limits, sometimes a simple “I Love You” will take your gift a step up from the norm. Some popular watch engraving phrases for Mother’s Day:

“Because you always made time for me.”

“My mother, my guide, my friend.”

“You held my hand for a while, but hold my heart forever.”

You can also create a short quote based on a childhood activity such as:

“Your love was always my buried treasure.” (If you played pirates.)

“My mom, my coach, my fan.”

Most moms appreciate gifts that come from the heart as opposed to the commercially made cards and pre-packaged gift sets.  If you aren’t crafty, a great way of showcasing a favorite moment or pastime is finding an old photo and getting it enlarged or framed. You can also copy all your favorite pictures with mom and make a small photo album and title it “My Favorite Moments with Mom” instead of giving her a card. Bulova’s Delisle Bud Vase and Picture Frame clock is also a great gift to add a photo  and a small bouquet of flowers to. Take a look at our other picture frame clocks for showcasing a special moment.

Is your mom a jewelry fan? Bead bracelets are a great way to create a special gift with jewelry. Today, there are many brands and 1,000’s of beads to choose from. Collectible bead bracelets are also a great gift for new moms as well as those who already have a bead collection started. Reflection Bead watches will accommodate beads from most major brands (such as Pandora, Chamilia and Troll) and we even offer a special “mom” starter set. If you want to personalize this gift, a great way to do it is to buy a bead that will remind her of a special trip you took as a child, your birthstone or even a favorite hobby you share. And yes, if you can think it there is probably a bead out there for it!

For moms who already have an extensive jewelry collection, a thoughtful gift may be a jewelry box clock. Less conspicuous than regular jewelry boxes due to the built in clock, they offer a functional alternative to safely store jewelry.

We hope this helps you think of a creative Mother’s Day gift! If you are interested in engraving an item, please call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-572-8263, as these orders cannot be placed through our website. Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 13th – don’t forget to call ahead so your order is shipped on time. We recommend the following watch brands for engraving:

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