Introducing ToyWatch

ToyWatchadSince 2006, ToyWatch has been pushing the traditions of watchmaking with unique and trending designs with materials and styles you won’t see from other brands. A true fashion brand, these watches are made to get attention. From the glamorous pavé watches of the Total Stone collection to the ToyViper with wraparound bracelet, and the Maya, featuring woven bracelets which reflect native South American style there is a ToyWatch for everyone.

ToyWatch embodies all the excitement of a fun product where playfulness permeates everyday life. Each watch reflects Italian Design: in the unusual and innovative materials, in the classic timeless shapes and in the bold and striking shapes. Authentic and charming Italian Style when worn characterizes an eccentric and strong, self-confident but never ostentatious personality.

ToyWatchCatChoose one and you’re into it to the point of becoming a collector. Curiosity and desire for freedom that satisfies the hidden side in everyone’s subconscious, taking oneself less seriously, in leisure or at work, wearing an object that is a breath of fresh air: This is what ToyWatch represents. A landmark in Italian Design.

But, are they toys? No. ToyWatches are not toys, but rather reflect the playfulness and joy that toys bring to people only in a fashionable timepiece you can enjoy everyday.

You can browse our current ToyWatch collection now at If you are looking for a specific model not pictured, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-572-8263.



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