How to Use a Chronograph

Popular for its impressive look, a chronograph is a timepiece desired by many.  However, properly using the stop-watch function can be difficult if you are not familiar with it.  First, let’s go over the basic parts of the dial:

  1. On a chronograph, the actual second hand is usually located in a sub dial as opposed to being set with the hour and minute hand.
  2. The long hand that is located where the second hand normally would be is actually the seconds-counter for the chronograph.
  3. Other sub dials on a chronograph will generally record the minutes and fraction of a second, but can also indicate 24-hour time depending on the model.
  4. On some, a tachymeter scale will be on the inner bezel to determine speed based on travel time or measure distance based on speed.

Below is a video to show how to accurately use the chronograph function.

To correctly use the chronograph function on a watch, here are some simple steps:

  1. To start the chronograph, press the top right pusher once.  You should see the seconds counter moving.
  2. To stop the chronograph, press the top right pusher once.  If you wish to start the chronograph back up, press the top right pusher again.
  3. To reset the chronograph, press the bottom right pusher once.  All of the counters should then return to their original settings.

Whether you use your chronograph to time your morning run or just prefer its striking look, it is a convenient, easy function to have on a watch. If you need assistance with re-setting your chronograph’s start position, take a look at our other our other post: How to Set a Chronograph’s Start Position

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