Go Green for Earth Day with Solar Powered Watches

For years, people have been making a conscious effort to “Go Green”.  Whether you take reusable bags to the grocery store or own a hybrid car, many do not realize that watch manufacturers have their own way of going-green: Solar Powered Watches.  Since  April 22 2011 is Earth Day, we thought this was a good time to highlight these environmentally friendly and convenient watches.

Although mechanical and automatic watches were among the first types of watches ever produced, and have always been eco-friendly since they do not require a battery, solar watches offer the same accuracy, reliability, and convenience as a quartz watch.

Never requiring a battery change, solar powered watches are practical, convenient, and help cut down on the near 2,480,000,000 (two billion, four hundred and eighty million)* dry cell batteries thrown away by Americans each year.  Watch manufacturers such as Citizen, Casio and Seiko offer a wide variety of solar watches for their customers.  Below is an example of a solar watch movement:

Seiko Solar Watch Movement

Citizen has been offering their solar powered Eco-Drive watches since 1995.  A solar panel receives light through the dial which charges a rechargeable  solar cell. Eco-Drive watches can run on a full charge anywhere from 60 days to 5 years without further exposure to light. Another feature which Citizen has utilized is a power saving or sleep mode which will cause the watch to shut down if left in the dark for a period of time. While in sleep mode, the watch will keep track of the time internally and then wake up when exposed to light.

Casio Go-Green Pathfinder PAG110C-3Casio offers solar powered watches in their G-Shock, Waveceptor, Edifice and Pathfinder collection which also features recycled packaging.  Along with their eco-friendly solar power, many Casio watches also feature shock resistant movements and cases, radio-controlled atomic timekeeping, and a variety of other technical features at a reasonable price.  In 2010, Casio introduced a “Go-Green” line of watches including the PAG1103-C which is still currently available.

In late 2010, Seiko introduced their new environmentally friendly Seiko Solar Collection which they have recently expanded to include new styles.  Although their Kinetic line is equally as environmentally friendly, as it charges by the movement of your wrist, they have had difficulty producing desirable ladies’ watches which house Kinetic movements due to the size of the mechanism. The new Seiko Solar movement allows for more versatility in style with a much slimmer movement allowing for a variety of ladies’ and men’s watches that won’t require a battery change with up to a one year power reserve.

Already own a solar-powered watch? Take a look at HighGear’s Solar Pod. This solar charger will help power your mobile devices where ever there is a light source available. You can also pre-charge it using the included USB chord with your computer. Perfect for camping, while on the road and anyone who owns a mobile device. Included are connectors for the following devices (for other devices, please check with your mobile device manufacturer or service provider for available adapters):HighGear Solar Pod

  • Nokia Connector 2.5mm Jack
  • Nokia Connector 3.5mm Jack
  • ZTE Phone Connector
  • Motorola Connector
  • Mini USB (Moto V3, Blackberry, MP3, MP4)
  • Samsung Flat Type Connector
  • Sony Ericisson Wide Pin Connector
  • iPod and iPhone Connector

You can browse our full selection of solar powered watches and devices or if you have any questions regarding solar-power timepieces please feel free to comment below or contact us at 1-800-572-8263.

*Estimation based on 8 dry cell batteries thrown away by each American every year (http://www.epa.gov/) multiplied by the current U.S. population (http://www.census.gov/main/www/popclock.html)

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