Citizen Scuba Fin Review

Citizen Scuba Fin Review, 3.6 out of 5 based on 10 ratings
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The Scuba Fin is the newest addition to Citizen’s solar powered Eco-Drive Dive Watch collection.  With so many dive watches available today, we wanted to point out a few highlights of this new dive watch.

The Scuba Fin has a sleek sport design unlike many dive watches which have some bulk to them. The case features curved edges and a smooth finish. The case thickness, at approximately 12mm or just under 1/2 inch, isn’t much different from an average men’s chronograph. If you are new to diving, or just want a water resistant sport watch to wear at the beach or on the water, the Scuba Fin would be an easy and comfortable transition from an average watch.

Equipped with Citizen’s reliable Eco-Drive solar powered technology, it is a great watch for any diver who dreads having to occasionally replace a battery (and have the watch pressure tested) or make sure their watch is wound properly before going on a dive.  Once fully charged, the watch will run continuously for 180 days without further exposure to light.

With a curved strap to case attachment, the watch will lay flat on your wrist with or without your dive suit. The uniquely designed polyurethane strap is soft, flexible and secure. Available in a variety of colors including orange, green, blue and black, there is a model for everyone.

The watch features are basic – it tells the time, displays the date and has a uni-directional rotating bezel.  The bezel has a coin edge and is easy to turn but won’t easily slip when bumped. The honeycomb texture on the solar dial reduces glare and compliments the overall design of the watch. Large hands and hour markers are legible and also glow visibly in low light.

Things to Consider:

-5 Year Manufacturer Warranty
-Affordable – Under $250.00
-Eco-Friendly power source
-No winding or battery changes
-Easy to use
-Simple sport design, not bulky
-Several color/design options

We hope that this review has been helpful and we would love to hear your own comments and opinions about this watch below! If you are interested in purchasing a Citizen Scuba Fin or another dive watch, visit our website at

One thought on “Citizen Scuba Fin Review

  • September 28, 2012 at 6:24 pm

    I’m looking for the most advanced dive watch on the market,,,,,,I did not put a value on this request as I am not concerned with that. I am looking for a watch that can compute my depth and therefore air requirements/time change as I continue to a further depth.. it needs to have an ability to monitor my pulse and recalculate the time and air at that point in my dive. I’m looking to get the need to recalculate removed from the divers concern and have it put within a normally sized wrist watch with the use of computer chips in today’s world it should already out there.


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