Citizen Eco-Drive World Time AT

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With the accuracy of Atomic Timekeeping in 26 time zones around the world, the Citizen Eco-Drive World Time AT is a technically advanced timepiece in styles for both men and women. Equipped with Citizen’s Eco-Drive Solar Powered technology you will never have to worry about getting a battery change. Also available in ladies’ styles, Citizen has raised the bar with this new atomic timepiece that is as stunning as it is functional.

Tried and true, the Eco-Drive solar powered movement has proven to be as reliable as a quartz watch when fully charged and eliminates the need for frequent battery changes as well as reduce the toxic waste the batteries can cause over time. Teamed with a radio-controlled movement, this line of watches truly is UNSTOPPABLE.

However, Citizen accomplished something that many other watch makers of solar or atomic movements haven’t been able to, and that is combine both features into a watch that not only works well, but also looks good in styles for both men and women. Although the case size is a bit larger than normal compared to an average women’s watch, big watches are in style, and the functionality is worth the added size especially for those who are on the go, and don’t have time to pull their cell phones out of their pockets or purses frequently.

The Citizen Eco-Drive World Time AT is the perfect watch for the frequent traveler, athlete on the go and those who like to keep ahead with the latest technologies. You can shop the full line of the World Time AT watches or shop our other Citizen Eco-Drive watches.

Pictured Watch Model: AT9016-56H

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