Casio Pro-Trek PRW3000 and PRG270 Size Comparison

The Casio Pro Trek collection is one of the most popular outdoor watches on the market. Due to their functionality, watches of this nature are generally much larger than standard watches. In response to the demand for a slimmer outdoor watch, Casio released the PRW3000 series. However, Casio has also recently released the PRG270 models in new color combinations which may appeal to women or teens who have a smaller wrist. Regardless of your gender, age or wrist size, this comparison may be helpful in determining which of the two styles are right for you, or as a gift for someone else who enjoys exploring the great outdoors.

Below have photographed the PRW3000-2B (blue) next to the PRG270-6A (purple & black) for a direct size comparison. Although the displays appear to be about the same size (approximately 32mm), the PRW3000 has a sleek and streamlined case, while the PRG270 has larger buttons and a more structured case. Casio’s description states that the PRW3000 has a 47mm case width, while the PRG270 has a 52.4mm case width, a difference of about 5.4mm or about 1/4″.


Below we have pictured the watches on a woman with an approximate 6 1/4″ – 6 1/2″ wrist size. Both watches fit, and it appears that Casio makes the band so that they will both fit someone with a wrist as small as 6″.  However, the case size of the PRW3000 provides a more snug fit with the band tightened to comfort, while the PRG270’s larger case size does not as it is a bit larger overall, making the watch feel a little loose, even when the band is secure (this was the opinion of the wearer). We attempted to match the pictures below by the display size on the watches, so that the pictures equally represent the watches on a small wrist, however there were slightly varying angles between the images.



In the next picture (click it to enlarge), we compare the thickness of the watches. As you can see the PRW3000 is a bit slimmer, and according to Casio the exact thickness of each watch has about a 2mm difference with the PRW3000 having a 12.3mm case thickness, and the PRG270 having a 14.4mm case thickness. You will also notice the band to case attachments are different. The PRW3000 has extra pads to help fill the gap that may occur on someone with a smaller wrist and generally make it more comfortable for any wearer.


The only other major difference between these two timepieces is that the PRW3000 is also atomic, while the PRG270 is not. Overall, if you have a smaller wrist, are looking for comfort, or a watch that will wear easier underneath long sleeves, we would recommend the PRW3000.  If you want the rugged look, larger case size and buttons for easier operation, we would recommend the PRG270. The PRW3000 collection currently feature the smallest and slimmest Pro Trek watches available. Both watch styles come in a variety of color combinations at this time. You can also take a look at the entire Pro Trek collection by clicking here.

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