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Casio’s G-Shock line has long been known for its durability and abundance of features.  Now, the G-Shock Mudman takes it a step up with mud-resistance–a feat that most other watch makers wouldn’t dare try to accomplish.  But we are talking about Casio, and they have been producing some of the toughest watches on the market for years.

Casio Mudman

Available in three main styles–the Mudman, Mudman XXL, and the new Scorpion–there is a decent selection to choose from with varying features including atomic timekeeping, solar power, flash alert and beep alarm.  The new Scorpion also includes a digital compass and displays temperature and moon data.

Unlike most watches on the market, the Mudman goes places no dress watch or cell phone would dare.  Some say watches are obsolete because of other portable electronic devices, but none of those devices would survive such exposure to mud, dirt, water and frequent shocks.  Even the most durable cell phones and electronic gadgets can’t withstand the beating and exposure a Casio G-Shock could take, let alone the Mudman.  Having to take your phone out of a carrier or pocket with hands covered in filth is never a pleasant experience. Unlike a mobile device, the Mudman can stay conveniently on your wrist and keep track of your run time, alert you when it’s time for lunch (or whatever you may use an alarm for) and of course tell the time.  Also equipped with low temperature resistance, the watch will keep time even in -4 F (-20 C).

Whether you are a farmer, work in construction, landscaping, in the military or have any other “dirty job” for that matter, you won’t have to worry about exposing the Mudman to dirt and grime.  Or maybe your favorite weekend excursion involves a four wheeler, dirt bike, or other off-road equipment.  This watch was made to get dirty and take a beating, and with 200 meter water resistance, it can be submerged in water, taken on a dive without worry, and conveniently rinsed of accumulated mud and debris.

If you are looking for a tough watch, feel free to browse our full Casio G-Shock Selection, including the Mudman.  The Scorpion models are in limited supply, so please contact us directly regarding these models at 1-800-572-8263.

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