Casio Converts Pathfinder to Pro Trek

Known around the world as Pro Trek, and in the U. S. as the Pathfinder, Casio’s triple sensor collection for outdoor adventure lovers is one of their most popular lines. Recently, Casio has decided to convert the U.S. recognized  “Pathfinder” collection to the internationally known “Pro Trek” name.

Although at first this may be a little confusing for some, there will not be any changes with the products themselves with the exception of the name “Pro Trek” printed on some of  the watches as opposed to “Pathfinder”. The watches will still have the same functionality, features and durability Pathfinder fans have relied on for years. Many Pro Trek and Pathfinder watches already share the same modules making the only differences between them purely aesthetic.

With great leaps made with line in recent years, including analog-digital displays, a much thinner case,  and added functions we are sure this line will remain just as popular and sought after by those who need a reliable instrument when exploring the wilderness. Compared to other brands with triple sensor technology (altimeter, barometer, & compass or ABC) Casio is the leader when it comes to durability, water resistance, highly accurate atomic timekeeping on some models, and reliable solar power – after all, a compass watch won’t do you any good if the battery dies in the middle of the wilderness…

You can a look at our current selection of Casio Pathfinder/Pro Trek Watches for the latest models or learn more about these high-functioning timepieces by visiting Casio’s Pro Trek & Pathfinder Website.

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  • July 19, 2012 at 1:40 am

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