Why Swiss Army Knives are Awesome

Like the name suggests, these compact all-in-one knife and tool sets are perfect for use in the armed forces.  However, they are also practical for camping, fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities.  Swiss Army knives are also produced for the Boy Scouts of America as one of their standard issue accessories.

So why would the average person want to own a Swiss Army knife or tool and keep one in their home? They are all-in-one, no roaming around the house looking for a lost can opener, cork screw or screwdriver.  Victorinox Swiss Army knives are also made of a high-grade stainless steel and wear very well – the knives can be sharpened, and the screwdrivers won’t strip. They also come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty – “Victorinox guarantees all Swiss Army Knives to be of first-class steel and provides a lifetime warranty against any defects in material and workmanship. “

So let’s take a look at one of their knives below and list a few household uses for the many included tools:

Above we have pictured the Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Lite. Although most uses for the above tools are obvious, some tools come in handy for things you wouldn’t think of using them for.

SCREWDRIVERS: A large flat, small flat, phillips, and patented mini screwdriver (1, 6, 7, & 11) are very helpful to have. Most household items will benefit from the large, small, and phillips – but did you ever need a very tiny screwdriver to change the batteries in your child’s toy, alarm clock, or even a watch case back?  Mini Screwdriver to the rescue! Tiny screws are most often found on electronics to secure the battery cover in place and it can be a hassle to find a screwdriver in your home small enough to remove the case to replace the batteries.  Best of all, they won’t strip and are guaranteed to last.

While the SCISSORS (4) come in handy for many things, if kept on hand they are useful for snipping off a loose thread from a piece of clothing you are wearing, cutting open snack packages that won’t tear, preparing your fishing line to thread a new hook, or clipping the tag off of those sunglasses you just bought on vacation… Smaller knives, such as those in the Executive Collection, that include scissors are the perfect size for you tackle box, sewing or first aid kit. If your loose thread caused a “wardrobe malfunction” this knife also includes a STRAIGHT PIN (not shown) than can be used to temporarily hold together a gap caused by a button that fell off or a section of stitching that came undone.

TWEEZERS:  These come in handy when you get a splinter or need to be able to grip a small object.  However, if you are lady who needs the tweezers for cosmetic purposes, having them in your purse is sure to come in handy.

For women, a great tool to keep in your purse which includes the tweezers is the SwissCard Multi-Tool which also features a straight pin, nail file, scissors, light, magnifier, and pen.  It could also easily slide into a man’s wallet, as it as big as a credit card and only 4mm thick.


The LED LIGHT (13) is perfect for seeing a keyhole at night or illuminating your path in the dark.  However, these lights are extremely bright, and being on a smaller object it is perfect for illuminating down a sink drain, behind a book case or in other small crevices where you may have accidentally dropped something.

A PRESSURIZED PEN (not shown) is included with most Swiss Army Knives. What most don’t realize is that the pen is in fact, pressurized. This means that the pen will write in extreme circumstances such as in the cold or when held upside down and it is always handy to have.

The HOOK OR PARCEL CARRIER (9) can also be used to help tighten your shoe or boot laces. Great for work boots, skates, or those who have lost dexterity in their fingers and hands and cannot grip or grab the laces.

The HAND REAMER (12), is most commonly used by taking a material such as metal or wood, poking it with the reamer’s tip, then rotating it to drill a hole through it.  But, it also comes in handy for inserting and extra hole in your leather belt if it is too small or too loose.

The SAW BLADE (2), may not be something you would need on a regular basis,  but it comes in handy when doing yard work and your pruners aren’t big enough to trim a limb and you don’t have access to another tool.

But we know that isn’t all! We want to know what you have used your Victorinox Swiss Army Knife or Tool for or how you found it handy! Post or comment below:

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