Before You Travel, Consider These Things


We are aware many of our customers travel, and may be purchasing a watch to wear on vacation or go on their next dive. Not everyone thinks about having an emergency while they are taking a cruise, traveling abroad or visiting their favorite dive spot. Here are some preparations you should consider taking before packing your suitcase:

  1. Emergency Contact & Itinerary: Where are you headed and what will you be doing? Is someone else aware of your plans? It is good to set an itinerary and leave it with someone back home with contact information as to where you will be staying, as well as keep emergency contact information on your person if you become unable to speak for yourself. Even if you aren’t planning on doing anything that could be dangerous such as mountain climbing or deep sea diving, people can still experience a heart attack or stroke while vacationing just as unexpectedly as one would at home.  If you are going to be out of the country, you may want to check in with your embassy when you arrive, as they could be a great help to you if an emergency situation occurs.
  2. Know the Local Scams & Laws: It isn’t a bad idea to research common local scams to an area you may be traveling to. Check with the local authorities to find out what the latest scheme is and if there is anything to watch out for. Many scammers have perfected complex schemes over time which may not be obvious to some. It also doesn’t hurt to know the local laws – you wouldn’t want to inadvertently get yourself in trouble because the laws in your country are not the same as where you are traveling to. Stay alert, know the local laws and try to research common scams.
  3. Available Funds: What happens if you find yourself in a situation and need to pay for emergency medical services, or need to get unexpected travel arrangements back home? What if you are robbed? Medical insurance plans may not cover you outside of the country. Having to get an unexpected plane ticket back home can be costly. Keeping an emergency method of payment such as an internationally accepted credit card, in a safe place, away from your other valuables (in case of theft) could be a life saver. Write down the phone numbers for your bank and credit card companies separately in case your wallet is stolen – this way you can alert them of the theft as soon as possible, preventing fraudulent transactions.
  4. Medical & Allergy Information: Nobody expects to have a medical emergency while on vacation. If you aren’t someone who already has a medical alert bracelet for a preexisting condition, create medical history sheet to keep on you in case something does happen. It is important to list allergies, medical procedures, medications and existing conditions that could affect treatment given in case you can’t speak for yourself or life saving measures need to be taken. Keeping a list of food allergies that have been translated to the local language may also make dining out a little less stressful if you aren’t fully educated on the local cuisine and the ingredients typically used.
  5. In Case of Death or Inability to Speak for Yourself: The worst case scenario. Who should be contacted? Can family travel to you in a hurry? Do they have a passport? What will it cost to get you (if significantly debilitated) or your remains back home? Insurance may not cover these costs.  Have a plan in place in case something like this happens. Make sure you have already followed the other steps above. If possible, get the contact information for the local authorities or hospitals where you are staying and give them to an emergency contact. Depending on where you are traveling, you may want to look into how human remains are handled. If you are an extreme sports enthusiast or adventurer who partakes in high risk activities while traveling, it is even more important to prepare for this scenario.

It never hurts to be prepared and we wish everyone safe and happy travels as spring arrives! If you are looking for a watch for while you travel, we recommend timepieces that provide dual time or have worldwide atomic or satellite timekeeping abilities such as the Citizen Satellite Air Wave collection. The Casio Baby-G Whale watch collection for women has databank capabilities for storing phone numbers and are water resistant to 200 meters if you plan on being at the beach, scuba diving or snorkeling. The Casio Pro Trek collection features watches with altimeters, barometers and compasses for outdoor adventurers. We also carry a large selection of Dive Watches to fit just about any style, budget and functionality requirements for your next underwater excursion.

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