Back To School Style Guide

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Girl Holding NotebookBack to School Style Guide

Find the Watch That Matches Your Personality

Soon droves of students will be making their way through the open doors of schools, colleges, and universities.  Being equipped with all the necessary supplies for a successful year is a must, but one of the most important tools for success will not be found in a backpack.  Whether just entering college or having graduated to a first internship or job, a watch is a perfect addition to a new solo life, but with so many styles on the market, which to choose?  Below we have gather a selection of our favorite watches to keep you on time and on track no matter where you are in your college career.  So go ahead and major in style.

For the Book Lover:

For those whom love the written word, finding a watch to let you lose track of time is a must.  Find your style in minimal details, classic leather straps, and bold numbers or roman numerals for a traditional feel.  Fall in love with the uncomplicated upkeep of Citizen’s eco-drive watches that don’t ever need a batter change…besides you will be lost in a good book anyway.

                                                           bulova roman numeral                     book lover 2                  book lover 4                  book lover 3

For the Athlete:

We know…you are always on the go and tracking every step along the way.  Bold colors, band made of rubber to avoid sweat absorption, stop watch features, and tech functions that monitor your heart and steps all make you blood pump faster.  The Sunnto Spartan watches below have 80 sport presets, are water-resistant to 100M, and connect to both iPhone and Android Phones.


                                            Athlete 2                              athlete 3                                    Athlete 1                                       athlete 4

For the Career Focused:

Have you recently scored your dream internship or job and are looking to impress?  A subtle style appeals to you, silver and gold-tones ensure a sharp look with suits or business casual, an alarm to never show up late is a must, calendars to finish projects on time, and multiple time zones to keep track of a global market.  For women, we also love a simplistic style that can double as jewelry.


                                               career 1                                career 2                               career 4                career 3

For the Casual Observer:

Your style runs to the casual side and who can blame you?  We love a perfectly broken in pair of jeans, a favorite t-shirt, and catching up with friends over brunch.  Uncomplicated styles appeal to you with fabric straps that easily pair with khakis or a blazer.  Invest in a piece that highlights a current trend such as larger dials, mono-tone looks, and rose gold tones.  It updates your weekend attire without the fuss.

                                                   casual 1                               casual 5                               casual 4                   casual 6

For the Outdoor Enthusiast:

Connecting with nature and leaving the stress of daily life behind is a must for outdoor lovers.  Actually getting lost, however, is a thing of the past with tech features such as altimeters, barometers, compass, temperature tracking, and storm alerts.  If you live seaside, you can check out the below Casio model that has specialized features such as 200M water resistance, tide graph & moon data.  So go ahead and get lost…to find your self.

                                                   outdoor 1                               outdoor 2                                  outdoor 3                     outdoor 4

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