Baby-G Watches in Hot New Colors for Spring 2011

Baby-G Watches in Hot New Colors for Spring 2011, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

Casio Baby-G Watches are the hot watch many teens and young women can’t seem to get enough of,  and the new spring 2011 crop of 

Baby G Watch - Watermelon Pink
New for Spring 2011 Watermelon Burst Baby G - World Time - 100 meters

Baby-G watches are just in.  Hot and tropical colors will stand out on your wrist, now and into summer.  With shades like Watermelon, Tropical Sunset, and glossy black, they’ll look great at the beach or a night on the town.

Baby-G watches aren’t just for fashion, though.  Casio designed them to be a smaller, more fashion oriented version of the legendary Casio G-Shock line, so the watches are tough and durable, and various models have useful features like dials that light up, countdown timers, world time,  tide info and alarms.

Priced starting at $69, with most $100 or less, it’s no wonder that many Baby-G enthusiasts can’t stop at just one, and their popularity has zoomed over the past year.

Casio Ani-Digi Gloss Black
New Casio Ana-Digi Gloss Black 3D - Numbers Float in Front of Hands

Their price and popularity make Baby-G watches great gifts for graduations and birthdays this spring.  You can find the latest Baby-G fashions and features now at Princeton Watches

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